ABC 13 interviews Alex Farias-Sorrels about lawsuit filed on behalf of client Luis Quintero, who suffered trauma after a private security guard pointed a loaded gun at him over a parking space.

Houston attorneys Randy Sorrels, Alexandra Farias-Sorrels, and Jessica Rodriguez-Wahlquist of Sorrels Law are representing a Hispanic man who was assaulted with a gun by a private security officer at PlazAmericas Mall in Sharpstown in May. In the lawsuit, Luis Quintero asserts claims for negligence and assault with a deadly weapon against PlazAmericas, Allied Universal Security Services, and Melissa Marie Jackson, the security officer.

On May 22, 2021, a dispute arose between Quintero and another patron of the mall over a parking spot while remaining in their vehicles. Quintero was waiting for a parking spot at PlazAmericas when another car arrived after him, taking the spot. A verbal encounter occurred. Melissa Marie Jackson – an employee of Allied Universal Security Services – was nearby and responded to the scene. While Quintero was trying to explain to Jackson that he arrived first, she began yelling obscenities at him and taunting him. Jackson became unhinged when Quintero proceeded to ask her if she was an actual Harris County police officer, pulling out her gun, placing her finger on the trigger, and pointing it at Quintero. Fearing for his life, Quintero called 911. Law enforcement arrested Ms. Jackson at the scene and charged her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Quintero, who suffers from a heart condition, and now PTSD from this incident, brings this suit to hold the defendants accountable, and to ensure the defendants properly interview, vet, train and hire qualified security guards. “This is a case about protection of the community,” noted Alexandra Farias-Sorrels. Farias-Sorrels further states, “It is outrageous that employees and agents of PlazAmericas and Allied would unholster a gun out, put their fingers on the trigger and point the loaded gun at families and shoppers who are there to shop at their mall. It is one thing to worry about those criminals who may be out to hurt you, but it is beyond comprehension we have to be genuinely afraid of those who are hired to protect us.”

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