30 Million Takata Air Bag Inflators are Being Probed by a U.S. Agency

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened up an investigation into 30 million vehicles built by nearly two dozen automakers with Takata air bag inflators that are potentially defective. The agency has now publicly confirmed that the investigation applies to 1,384 different vehicle models. The investigation could reverse the decision made in May 2020 not recall the inflators that contain the moisture-absorbing chemical dessicant. 

No immediate safety risk has been identified, and drivers do not need to take action at this time. The document posted by the agency said that none of the inflators under investigation have blown apart while in use, but further work is needed to evaluate the future risk of non-recalled dessicated inflators. The NHTSA will continue to conduct a thorough investigation, and if they determine that there is a safety defect, they will act accordingly. 

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