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For more than twenty-seven years, the attorneys at Sorrels Law have been handling claims, injuries and deaths that occur at airports, in jetways, on airplanes, and during domestic and international airline flights. We have also handled numerous general aviation, small aircraft, business jet, and helicopter crashes.

Our clients can confirm that airports are accidents waiting to happen.  Airports are high-traffic, high-stress locations. They bring together thousands of people who have to navigate the issues of ticketing, security, and a maze of terminal gates.  Neither the airlines nor the airports they use can handle the passenger volume safely all the time.

Our attorneys know the federal laws that govern the conduct of the airlines, and the regulations that apply to every aircraft, large and small.  If you need attorneys who know the aviation industry and who can recover the money you deserve for your injury, then call Sorrels Law now.

Helicopter Incidents

According to a study of “Helicopter Crashes Related to Oil & Gas Operations in the Gulf of Mexico” an average of 8.2 helicopter crashes occurred per year in the Gulf of Mexico alone in between the years 2000 and 2009.  These crashes resulted in 139 fatalities, of which 98 were passengers.

The NTSB and the FAA require constant inspections and preventative maintenance.  Yet, mechanical issues were cited as a factor in almost forty percent of the crashes.  Alarmingly, in several instances flotation devices and safety equipment did not perform as they should.  Our clients work in the oil and gas industry and have to use these helicopters as part of their jobs.  Safety not speed should be the number one priority. 

If someone in your family, or someone important to you, has been injured in a helicopter accident, call Sorrels Law today.

The Air Carrier Access Act requires airports and airlines to provide assistance to passengers who request assistance due to age, infirmity, illness, injury, or disability. 

The duty to provide wheelchair service includes assistance to and from key areas such as ticketing and baggage, as well as assistance between the jetways of connecting flights. But frequently the airlines do not provide the services they promise. 

The Air Carrier Access Act provides the regulations and requirements for wheelchair assistance at an airport. The attorneys at Sorrels Law have written papers and given presentations at conferences on the ins and outs of the Act.  Our attorneys can help you and your family when the wheelchair services at an airport or on an airline result in an injury.

Wheel Chair Assistance

Airport Slip & Falls

As thousands of passengers use the airport, drink and food spills happen.  When a slip and fall occurs, the passenger blames the airline that they were traveling on.  But more often than not, its either a contractor (a janitorial service), a food court developer, or the airport itself who may be responsible for the clean up.  Sorrels Law knows how to cut through the red tape to successfully recover when a passenger falls in the airport.  If you need assistance in asserting your rights in this situation, call us.  We have the experience that can help you.

Overhead bins also prove especially difficult for passengers.  Airlines provide overhead bins for storing carry-on items, and advise passengers on the number, size and weight of these carry-ons.  However, passengers often avoid following these rules and the airlines do not enforce their safety policies.  As a result on-board storage of luggage, and loading of overhead bins, result in injuries.  We have handled these lawsuits numerous times and know what they require.  Call us today.

Overhead Bins

Boarding and Deplaning Claims

When a passenger goes to the airport, they may board an aircraft by walking down a jetway, or they may board an aircraft by walking out to the regional jet and climbing up the stairs.  Both jetways and stairways can prove difficult for passengers to navigate, and often passengers fall sustaining injuries.  Sorrels Law has been at the heart of numerous lawsuits arising from boarding and deplaning aircraft.  If this has happened to you, call us today.

Our Lawyers Can Help With Aviation Accident Claims

Firm attorney Tom Stilwell possesses the experience you can count on.  Tom is highly competitive and brings relentless preparation and aggressive strategies to every case.  In the first half of his career, Tom handled high-stakes personal injury and business litigation for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies as a partner in three national law firms.  This invaluable experience taught him how to create convincing themes that shape the outcome of the trial.

Tom is well known in the aviation arena.  In the past, Tom represented multiple airlines and aviation manufacturers in state and federal lawsuits.  Now, Tom uses his experience to assist passengers and claimants in claims against airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and maintenance companies.  Tom has spoken at airline conferences, taught at legal aviation seminars, and published articles on the Air Carrier Access Act, the Montreal Treaty, the Warsaw Convention, and the impact of federal regulation on claims.

Tom has successfully handled wheelchair injuries, turbulence claims, overhead bin cases, electric cart impacts, and boarding/deplaning incidents.  He’s also been involved in multiple helicopter crashes and aircraft crashes throughout his career.

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The lawyers at Sorrels Law have handled individual cases involving less than $5000 and obtaining awards of nearly $300 million.  Our lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for the Sorrels Law clients because they are willing to take each and every case to court.  You should hire a lawyer who is ready, willing and able to go to court and present your case to a jury.  Firm Attorney Randy Sorrels has consistently been named one of the Top 100 lawyers in the state by Texas Super Lawyers magazine.  There are over 106,000 lawyers and this puts Sorrels in the top .0001 percent of Texas lawyers.  We encourage you to compare our credentials to all other lawyers across the nation.

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If you are a lawyer and want to joint venture a case with our firm, we pay referral fees in accordance and as allowed by the State Bar of Texas rules. We routinely work alongside some of the best lawyers in the state to help bring about the maximum recovery on behalf of the client. If you are a client and currently have a lawyer, please understand we do not want you to change lawyers. We want to add to your team of lawyers – and at no extra cost to you. We are willing to talk with and work with your current lawyers to help you obtain all of the compensation the law entitles you to recover. You are our primary concern.

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