Lawsuit Filed by Family Over Deadly Balloon Crash in New Mexico

Seven Passengers who were on the derailed Amtrak train in Montana in September have filed a lawsuit through the Illinois-based firm Clifford Law Offices against the national railway system. A couple from Massachusetts, a couple from Pennsylvania, a couple from Indiana, and a man from Montana all filed suits alleging negligence in failing to prevent the derailment and are seeking damages for the injuries they sustained. On September 25th seven cars on the Amtrak’s Empire Builder train derailed in Montana, killing three passengers and injuring a dozen others.

Clifford Law has previously secured verdicts against Amtrak in 2017 for a derailment in Seattle. The firm is seeking to challenge a mandatory arbitration agreement Amtrak put in effect in January 2019 that denies passengers their constitutional rights to a trial by jury if injured on an Amtrak train. It also sets a maximum of $295 million in damages per incident for Amtrak. The National Transportation Safety Board is currently investigation the derailment and the cause has yet to be disclosed.

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