Recall on CPAP machine frustrates sleep apnea sufferers

The Philips manufacturer voluntarily recalled millions of its popular DreamStation CPAP machines due to possible health effects in June. Those with sleep apnea who have used this machine are now wondering if they have been inhaling cancer-causing toxins in their sleep. The DreamStation uses sound-dampening foam that could potentially degrade into particles and release chemicals. According to the FDA, breathing these chemicals in could result in injuries that can be life-threatening or cause impairment permanently ranging from irritation to asthma or even carcinogenic or toxic effects.

CPAP users of this machine are now faced with a choice – use it and possibly hurt their health or go on without it and risk losing a descent night’s sleep. Many users must wear the device as they may stop breathing several times throughout the night. Philips has stated that they will repair or replace devices within 12 months once the FDA approves the solution.

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