Recall on all Chevy Bolt Vehicles Due to Battery Problems

GM announced in August of this year that all Chevy Bolts, from 2017-2022, have been recalled due to a fire problem when their batteries were fully or almost nearly charged. The Bolt is an all-electric vehicle that was launched in 2017. In 2020 when GM announced that some Bolts might have a fire problem with their batteries, they stated that the cars have the potential of an unattended fire in the high-voltage battery pack underneath the backseat’s bottom cushion. At the time, GM suggested that owners of the 2017-2019 cars could keep driving them however, they couldn’t top off their batteries when charging.

After five Chevy Bolts had caught fire and two injuries were reported, GM decided to recall all Bolt cars and proposed to replace all of the batteries. Owners are also warned to not park their cars near other vehicles until the repairs were performed. The problem is not knowing how long it will take GM to come up with replacement batteries for all of the cars in recall.

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