A federal agency has ordered Tesla to turn over Autopilot data

Tesla has been ordered to hand over its data on their Autopilot driver-assistance system to the main federal auto safety agency as part of an investigation into Tesla cars that have crashed into parked emergency vehicles or fire trucks on highways and roads. Tesla has been asked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to provide detailed information on how Autopilot works, if there are any limits on where it is able to be turned on, and how to make sure drivers are actually paying attention to the road when it is enabled.

Tesla also has to produce any data on how many cars have been sold in the U.S., as well as any lawsuits or arbitration proceedings related to any Autopilot crashes, and any complaints made by customers related to Autopilot issues. The carmaker has been asked to deliver the information by October 22nd. The company could risk being fined up to $115 million if they do not comply.

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