Big Truck Accidents Require Big Time Lawyers

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While many attorneys handle truck accident cases, Sorrels Law provides a unique customer service approach where the client comes first. First and foremost, the Sorrels Law team has lawyers who have successfully fought the trucking industry for over 30 years. They employ a dedicated team of professionals that have the experience to maximize the recovery for the injury victims and loved ones of those killed by 18-wheelers who drive recklessly and often out-of-control. But they also do something unique – they have highly successful lawyers who answer their own phones and return clients’ phone calls when they can’t answer the phone.

Firm Attorney Randy Sorrels has handled trucking cases for over 30 years and when other lawyers are in wrecks, they call Randy…

He regularly teaches other lawyers about handling personal injury and wrongful death claims.  He is generous with his time helping clients and other lawyers.  Randy Sorrels holds four board certifications, has been President of the State Bar of Texas and has a long track record of success — recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for his clients.  Importantly though, he treats each client’s case with the respect and dignity it deserves.  He did so when he formerly represented the trucking industry when he began his career at Fulbright & Jaworski, and today he proudly pursues justice on behalf of those injured and wrongly killed in truck wreck cases.

The lawyers and professionals at Sorrels Law are dedicated to making sure each client’s case is individually handled and proper attention is given at all times.

  • We return your phone calls.
  • We answer your questions.
  • We treat you like family.

But don’t let our professional approach to client representation fool you.  The Sorrels Law attorneys are fully aware of the tactics and tricks of the trucking industry – and they take on the industry every day.  You should know the trucking industry is fully equipped and capable of defeating your claim.  They will use intimidating tactics and create every challenge imaginable.  Our lawyers are simply more equipped and better prepared to prevail when these cases are taken to trial.  We take on those challenges and defeat them every day.  Don’t be a victim a second time when you make the decision to hire a lawyer.  Hire someone the trucking industry knows has the resources and experience to hold them accountable and responsible.

We take an aggressive approach to counteract the strong-arm tactics of the trucking industry.  In short, Sorrels Law wins trucking accident cases because the lawyers have the tools and resources available to outwork and outperform the trucking industry’s best defenses and best defense lawyers.  We hope you never need a lawyer, but if you do, we would be honored to be your lawyer. 

Our clients are often in need of medical attention and medical help.  The Sorrels Law team helps ensure your medical needs are met even if the trucking company fails to take responsibility for the injuries and damages they cause.  Trucking companies have commercial insurance policies to protect themselves and their drivers from negligence claims for personal injuries and wrongful deaths they cause.  Often these insurance policies are in the millions of dollars, so the stakes are high for the insurance carriers and they fight tooth and nail to protect their trucking companies and to pay you as little as possible on your claim.  You will need an experienced lawyer who has gone toe-to-toe with them in the past, and one who can take immediate action.  Insurance companies and trucking companies often have their own lawyers on the scene within hours of the wreck interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence and trying to shape the law enforcement reports.  They will try to influence the police who are doing their best to investigate the cause and circumstances around the wreck.  You need someone on your side to immediately protect and preserve your rights.

The Sorrels Law team employs a checklist of important points to look at in each trucking case including:

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What To Do After A Wreck?

Serious Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

Trucks on the road today weigh dozens of tons.  They can wreak havoc, calamity, destruction, catastrophic injury and death on those impacted by the big rigs.  Collisions with these trucks can cause a range of injuries from soft tissue tearing and sprains to broken bones, herniated discs, paralysis, internal injuries and traumatic brain injuries.  You should seek treatment immediately so that minor injuries cannot lead to more serious medical conditions.  Injuries from these wrecks can be severe, permanent and long lasting.  You may incur medical bills that will last a lifetime and lose your ability to work at a good paying job.  Our firm will assist you in recovering compensation for those injuries.

We will work with your treating physicians and other healthcare providers to guide you through the medical maze that can be so overwhelming and confusing.  One of our lawyers is also a nurse. The lawyers and staff at Sorrels Law have compassion for your injuries and understand the fear of the unknown.  You should not have to experience the pain you are unnecessarily going through and we will fight hard for full compensation.  We understand how your injuries affect your entire life including not only yourself, but your family relationships, your friendships, and your ability to do your job.

Sorrels Law Will Take Your Case to Court

The lawyers at Sorrels Law have handled individual cases involving less than $5000 and obtaining awards of nearly $300 million.  Our lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for the Sorrels Law clients because they are willing to take each and every case to court.  You should hire a lawyer who is ready, willing and able to go to court and present your case to a jury.  Firm Attorney Randy Sorrels has consistently been named one of the Top 100 lawyers in the state by Texas Super Lawyers magazine. 

There are over 106,000 lawyers and this puts Sorrels in the top .0001 percent of Texas lawyers. We encourage you to compare our credentials to all other lawyers across the nation.

Joint Venture Opportunities

If you are a lawyer and want to joint venture a case with our firm, we pay referral fees in accordance and as allowed by the State Bar of Texas rules. We routinely work alongside some of the best lawyers in the state to help bring about the maximum recovery on behalf of the client. If you are a client and currently have a lawyer, please understand we do not want you to fire your lawyer or release your lawyer. But we are willing to talk with and work with your current lawyers to help you obtain all of the compensation the law entitles you to recover. We put clients first.

Contact Sorrels Law For a Free Consultation

The lawyers at Sorrels Law will put you first.  You can call us anytime for a free consultation and speak personally with a lawyer.  We will share with you our experience without asking you to hire us. Your initial consultation is free.  You will not be charged a retainer or receive a bill.  We will not pressure you to sign anything. Instead you will find a staff of dedicated, caring professionals that will speak with you right away.  More importantly, if you hire us, we will answer your phone calls, your questions, and return any messages you leave.  Many law firms won’t do this, but the lawyers at Sorrels Law are committed to this level of service.


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